RedLaser (Updated)

Red Laser is a super simple application. The apps allows you to scan barcodes with the iPhone’s camera and it gives you prices, details & reviews about the product associated with the barcode. Pros: -Easy to use -Quickly scan barcodes -Ridiculously accurate -Find “local results” for a product -Detailed search results -Reviews from -FoodContinue reading “RedLaser (Updated)”

Writing Toolkit

Writing Toolkit is an app that helps aspiring writers organize their ideas, helps spark new ones, and gives the user the ability to explore different types of plots and settings, as well reminds us all about simple and complex English terms used for writing. I was a bit skeptical of this one at first, butContinue reading “Writing Toolkit”

(Updated!) Review: Notifications

NOTE: (12-21-09) CONOVAE updated their. For previous purchasers of this app, if you update, you will automatically receive 20,000 notifications and as the screenshot shows below, you’ll still receive notifications even after you run out of credits!?) New users receive 100 free notifications & additional 20,000 notifications can be purchased for $0.99. We find thisContinue reading “(Updated!) Review: Notifications”

Air Video

Pros: -Great interface -Live conversion of videos -Add multiple servers -Compression settings galore -Select audio streams -Create compression presets -Conversions are very goodCons: -Remote server can be tricky to set up as Port forwarding doesn’t work on all networks -Smaller, less resourceful computers, will not be able to run the software. 4.6/5 I was quiteContinue reading “Air Video”


Pros: – Accurate – 6 calculations/ readings – Nice graphical battery meter Cons: – One battery color. – No UI options 4/5 myBatteryLife does exactly what it says it does- tells you your iPhone battery life based on your hardware. MyBatteryLife, I believe, is the simplest application I have seen. The app displays multiple calculationsContinue reading “myBatteryLife”

Lost Phone Recovery

Pros: -Service is sound -They take care of everything for you -App is simple and easy to handle Cons: -Not a very appealing wallpaper is created -No wallpaper editor -Error issue in form (see below to get around it) This App has two rankings: For concept & service: 5/5 For app execution: 3/5 The bestContinue reading “Lost Phone Recovery”

Stick It

Pros: -Multiple backgrounds -Add photo as background -Numerous “stickies,” “miscellaneous objects,” & “Comic Bubbles” to choose from. -Multiple colors, sizes, and fonts for text. Cons: -Cannot re-size stickies -Cannot add a photo as a “sticky” -No script-style fonts -When “flipping” through each sticky, it slides from one to the other a little slow. -Cannot saveContinue reading “Stick It”


Pros: -Sleek Interface -Sounds & animation to go with each “screen” or tap -Complex conversions Cons: -Takes quite long to update currencies at app start up (quicker in airplane mode, due to currencies not updating) -“Wheel” ‘clicks’ into place rather than smoothly rolling. 4.5/5 $0.99 Overall: ConvertBot is by Tapbots – the developers of WeightBotContinue reading “Convertbot”

Tea Time

No video for this application, app is simple enough Pros -Basic UI – easy to navigate -Simple application Cons -No way to change the alarm sound -Timer image does not change according to the type of tea selected -Lack of options 3/5 Tea Time! Is a timer app that lets you know when your teaContinue reading “Tea Time”


AppShopping is an application that allows you to check for new apps, app price changes, or updated app that come into the iTunes AppStore. You can view applications by release date/new (paid or free); price changes; Updated apps, or you can view apps by category (via new-free, new-paid, price change, or Update) *Note: I feelContinue reading “AppShopping”


ePhoto is an ingenious application, it allows you to send more than one photo via email to whom ever you wish. Layout: You begin in the program by selecting the photos that you want out of you photo album or camera roll. After each selection of a photo you can either add another photo, clearContinue reading “ePhoto”


Peeps is a new and interesting way to view your contacts- by their pictures! Pros: -Cover-flow viewing of contacts -Easy and quick setup -Create your own groups. Cons: -Viewing in Cover-flow is fickle When you first open the application, all you contact are loaded into the app. For me it only took about 5 secondContinue reading “Peeps”

Woot On!

WootOn is an app for people that shop at