The Tonido App allows you to access your Tonido software or your TonidoPlug from anywhere you have an Internet connection. If you already know what the Tonido software is, you can skip to the review below. Don’t know what Tonido is? “Tonido allows you to access and share ALL of your desktop’s files, documents, photos,Continue reading “Tonido”


Pros: -Super simple application -3 color markers (for flagging items) -Attach notes & due dates -Easy custom sorting along with pre-defined sorting -Search for items/keywords -New item entry is quick Cons: -Controlling app is away from “normal” look-alike app UI features -Due date/notes are not displayed in-line with item (except when sorting items by dueContinue reading “Sorted”

Scripts Pro

Scripts Pro is an outstanding application that allows any user to write & format a script with ease. Pros: Auto creation or title page A TAB button for creating the format of a line Scene Outlines Global character editing Importing Universal app platform Import/Export of Celtx (*.celtx), Final Draft (*.fdx) & TXT (*.txt) files E-mailContinue reading “Scripts Pro”

Todo App Mega Review

Pre-Intro: The following post was featured on The iPhone Blog and received over 3,000 views in less than 70 hours! Intro: In the past few weeks I have been testing 7 ToDo applications – Things, Appigo’s ToDo, Toodledo, Done, Zenbe Lists, Ultimate ToDos, and Firetask. I kept restrictions of the SDK in mind, meaning ifContinue reading “Todo App Mega Review”

Habit Check

Mobile Version Pros: -Quick & Easy Entry -Quick Updating -Graphs Cons: -Graphs don’t appear for a few days -Screen doesn’t rotate 3.5/5 Habit Check is an application that helps you keep track (and stay on track) of your habits. Basically you create a Habit that you have by tapping on the “+” button then eachContinue reading “Habit Check”

Goal Tender

Mobile Version Pros: -Create multiple goals -Create sub tasks to complete goals -Journal entries – Easy reference -Sync with server Cons: -Manual Slider -No help file 4.1/5GoalTender help you to keep track of your goals and your progress. GoalTender is essentially a Todo, but utilities the idea of having sub-categories as the Todo’s. Can youContinue reading “Goal Tender”

Wallpaper Notes

Wallpaper notes is an application that allows its user to create notes on a “sticky” then set it as their wallpaper. Pros: -Good idea -Multi-colored fonts Cons: -Font too small -Some colors of the font are hard to read -No option to change color of font nor background -Accidental deleting on lines can happen withContinue reading “Wallpaper Notes”

Slydial – FATN Review

**NOTE: While the app is still free the services are now pay-per-use or subscription-based. However, there is a trial offer. * FATN stands for Free App To Note*


The SmartTime application is a simple yet complex to-do application.

Speed Dial #1-4 – FATN

FATN stands for Free App To Note Pros: -Quick -Easy to set up -Does exactly what is supposed to do -You can change the number without uninstalling the app Cons: -Opens Safari before calling 4.7/5 FREE For “speedy-readers” read bolded text. Speed Dial 1-4 are 4 separate applications that do the same thing. You justContinue reading “Speed Dial #1-4 – FATN”

Zenbe Lists

Zenbe Lists is an app that allows you to, well, create lists. Essentially it’s a Todo app.