**Note: This review is a blanket review – having beta tested all the apps in the Groove Maker series, they all operate in the same basic way, the main difference are the sound loops. The application is a new revolutionary way of creating music and it’s going to change the way people DJ on theContinue reading “Groovemaker”


When I first heard about the Ocarina app, I thought to myself “ o okay, it’s just another music instrument app. After purchasing the app, I was mistakenly surprised, it exceeded my expectations. This app turns your iPhone into a virtual Ocarina. It is a very nifty little app. Pros: -Extremely interactive, great for anybody!Continue reading “Ocarina”


Pros: -Full keyboard -Interesting take for a piano application -Should be a fun app for kids Cons: -Inaccurate template for tempo -Sound quality poor for repetitive key presses. FingerPiano is a piano app with a twist, it shows you which keys to press in order to play a certain song. All the song are classicalContinue reading “FingerPiano”