Pros: -Utilizes Occipital’s RedLaser technology -quickly get food & nutritional info from the product’s UPC -Add items to the database -Optionally sync with DailyBurn account -Works well on both the iPhone 3GS & iPhone 2G (from what I tested) -Easy UICons: -Viewing previously scanned “today” objects, you cannot view their info. [ iTunes link] 4.3/5Continue reading “FoodScanner”

Meditate Now 2

Mobile Version Pros: -Professional voice & audio -Easy interface to switch between audios Cons: -Photo in audio is hard to discern, if unfamiliar with technique. -The info icon leaves the app unexpectedly 4/5 Meditate Now 2 is an application that contains a series of audio clips that capable of helping you alleviate stress and allowContinue reading “Meditate Now 2”

Fitness Day Journal

Mobile Version Fitness Day Journal (iFiness on iPhone icon) is an application that helps you keep track of your fitness activities (exercises) by listing the instances you have done them and visual graphs of your activities Fitness Day Journal is relatively simple and easy to use. On the main page, at the top is aContinue reading “Fitness Day Journal”


Dietician is a unique and one-of-a-kind application. There is no other app quite like this in the app store. Dietician creates a meal plan depending on certain criteria that you select (type of diet, etc.) and it also figures out what meals you should eat, and a grocery list to go along with it. 4.3/4Continue reading “Dietician”


Pros: -Nice Interface -Large Selection of Sounds -Timer -Auto-Exit Feature -Alarm at the end of timer feature Cons: -When selecting a sound, you have to push Play/Stop every time you want to hear a different sound. 3.9/5 For to-the-point readers, read the bolded text aSleep is a “Sound-Machine” type of app. It is comparable toContinue reading “aSleep”

Phone Aid

Phone aid is an application that is supposed to help you with First Aid, CPR, or in case someone is choking. I find this application somewhat of a unique idea. I am not quite sure I can see someone using this app in an emergency, but it might be helpful as a reference. I findContinue reading “Phone Aid”