UFO on Tape

UFO on Tape is a totally unique game and has the potential to be a truly viral game! The concept revolving (pun intended) around the game is that you must follow with your iPhone a UFO in the sky. The game starts up with you looking out the window of a moving car, your scoreContinue reading “UFO on Tape”

X-Plane 9 for iPad

A flight simulator with a multitude of maps, aircrafts & missions. The video is at the bottom of the post. Pros: -22 Regions (Maps) -40 Aircrafts with customizations -A multitude of flying conditions -Missions for each aircraft (even docking the space shuttle at the ISS!) -Radio Chatter -Realistic scenery with 3D buildings & terrain -InContinue reading “X-Plane 9 for iPad”


Pros: -Nice graphics -Easy to play (instructions-wise) -3D graphics -Power-ups in-gameCons: -No global scoring -A little hard to play at the beginning 2/5 This application closely represents the “helicopter” type game. Where the object of the game is to make the ship fly through the tunnel without hitting the sides or the any of theContinue reading “Penetrator”

Hot Dog Down a Hallway

Pros: -Nice cartoon graphics -Simple game play -View statistics of game play (ie. total distance & total launches) -Attempt to complete goals – thus receiving awards. Cons: -Farting sound upon viewing distance doesn’t really fit with theme. -No multiple hi-score keeper -No high-scores via internet 4/5 Hot Dog Down a Hallway is a humorous gameContinue reading “Hot Dog Down a Hallway”


Pros: -Full game, simply a port -Save up to 4 different instances -Interacting objects on screen as well as navigating by tapping in the direction you want to go Cons: -No in-game browser for hints (feature coming soon) -Not a “tome-waster” (could be a “pro” as well) -slide show movement Video (mobile version for now)Continue reading “MYST”


Mobile Version Pros: -Interesting gameplay -Different levels of difficulty. Cons: -Audio is needed in order to play game. -Game gets rather boring after a few levels SuperSniper puts an interesting game in the palm of your hand. The whole idea of SuperSniper is to “snipe” terrorists through windows without hurting and hostages. Note*: You mightContinue reading “SuperSniper”


Mobile Version Pros: -Good particle graphics -Asteroid-like game play but much more colorful -Tilt-controls are accurate (not too sensitive, but just right) -5 weapon upgrades to use Cons: -No way to reset the neutral position for tilt controls -After dying (show meter falls too far) you must start over from level 1 Illuminations is developedContinue reading “Illuminations”

Super Sniper

SuperSniper puts an interesting game in the palm of your hand. The whole idea of SuperSniper is to “snipe” terrorists through windows without hurting and hostages. Pros: -Interesting gameplay -Different levels of difficulty.Cons: -Audio is needed in order to play game. -Game gets rather boring after a few levels 3.5/5 Note*: You might notice thatContinue reading “Super Sniper”


Note: EDGE is currently not available in the app store due to a legal conflict. However, it looks like they are making the push to get it pack in the app store. Quite frankly, we hope they do because this is one of our favorite & highest ranked games we have reviewed. Pros: -Addicting gameContinue reading “Edge”


InvinciBall (developed by ProtonStudio) is easily described at a King-of-the-Hill game. The basic idea is to take your “ball” and knock other balls off the “island” before they knock you off. Game Play: There are 3 different modes of play: Classic, Survival, & Territory. In Classic mode, there are several “scoring-zones” that are placed aroundContinue reading “InvinciBall”

Tank Warrior

Tank Warrior is a 2D side-scrolling retro-style shot ’em up. In the game, you select a level (all levels are unlocked to begin with) You mission – Destroy all enemies! Mostly your enemies consist of “plastic army men” figures shooting little orange balls at you. (there are3 also helicopters). The green ones- one shot killsContinue reading “Tank Warrior”


While this app came out some time ago, I have been meaning to write a review for this app, but I always end up getting distracted playing the game, then running out of time. So finally I have distanced myself from my iPhone to bring you this review. 🙂 This is easily one of theContinue reading “Rolando”


Wanted is a simple picture editing application that turns a picture of a person into a wanted poster. The poster can then be printed out onto a piece of paper for the office. Don’t worry the output file is much larger than a normal iPhone picture.

Hero of Sparta

Hero of Sparta came out a few weeks ago around the time of Brothers In Arms and it is also done by gameloft. I’ve come to realize that gameloft has really been putting out some awesome games and this is no exception. Hero of Sparta brings the “Hack n’ Slash” genre to the iPhone. Pros:Continue reading “Hero of Sparta”

De Blob

De Blob is a simple game; you run the character around bumping into different buildings, coloring them.


Bugz has to be one of the most entertaining games I’ve played (and really the only one I’ve completed all the levels on). The game play here is simple – you create an explosion, for lack of a better tem, which if the bugs hit it, they in turn explode creating a chain reaction. FromContinue reading “Bugz”


At the bottom of this review you will find 2 sets of videos – a short (~3mins, describing key features & controls) and a longer video (~7mins, describing a little in-depth features.) My main concern before getting this application was – would it be able to handle all the animations on the screen, or wouldContinue reading “SimCity”

Touch Physics

Video Mobile Video Pros: -Fun puzzle game -Setting panel can be fun to play with -Auto save & resume -Simple controls Cons: -Early levels can prove difficult and frustrating. (However changing some of the settings might fix this.) -Can’t save multiple games for multiple users. 4.1/5 This little app reminds me of an app thatContinue reading “Touch Physics”


Glyph is a 3-or-more matching-type game, it is however much different than other games in that is adds small cut-ins & other small games, similar to Simon-Says – in which you has to memorize the way they light up. And then repeat it. The goal of the game is to rid the playing board ofContinue reading “Glyph”

Nanosaur 2

Pros: -Awesome Graphics -Intuitive Controls -“Neutral” Control Button (tells the iPhone what is the neutral position, allows you to play in any position) Cons: -May take some time to get used to the controls -Unless you have a significant amount of time to to sit down and play this game at any point in time,Continue reading “Nanosaur 2”