Firstly, this is one of the worst apps in the store. Secondly I was a sucker & purchased it. Why? Mainly because I was waiting for DailyBurn to release their highly anticipated iPhone app . I saw it and bought the app without even reading the description. FAIL. Pros: -You get to make fun ofContinue reading “FatBurner2K”

Evil Oven

This was a review I wrote a while back, but forgot to post it. Fortunately, the app is no longer available. I have no idea why I bought this app, must have been one late night… It’s adds another tally to the pointless/worse app category. the app is a virtual stove-top at you finger-tips..! ThereContinue reading “Evil Oven”

Poem Flow

Pros: -Nice layout -Easy to navigate -Can be stress relieving Cons: -Have to buy extra poems 3.5/5 Poem Flow is an app that lets the user get a poem a day, and read them as a regular poem, or, if the iPhone is turned sideways, the poem is animated to play as the poem shouldContinue reading “Poem Flow”

Advent Apollo

Advent Apollo is a Apollo Mission themed advent calendar.

Game Crazy

Game Crazy iPhone App, is an app for gamers. It is the first-of-its kind for an iPhone application. The app lets you view the details about new games and upcoming releases. You can watch trailers and even check trade-in prices. And if you happen to want to go get a game, there is a in-appContinue reading “Game Crazy”


Mobile Version Pros: -Numerous colors & burst types -Record “show” feature -Fluctuation in volume for small vs. large bursts Cons: -Not a variety of bursting sounds -No sound when you are creating a trail with your finger -Logo at the bottom is a little distracting -“Picture” on the record show details is somewhat odd. iLoveFireworks,Continue reading “iLoveFireworks”

True or Lie

True or Lie is an application that acts as a Lie Detector. Ths app uses a method that I haven’t seen in the app store. You begin by placing the microphone of the iPod earbuds headset on the artery on your throat so that the app can “hear” your pulse. Once the app picks upContinue reading “True or Lie”


iNailsonBlackboard is a simple, one screen application and the screen represents a black chalkboard. When you touch the screen you iPhone emits a “nail-scratch on chalkboard” sound. Pros: -Looks like a chalkboard -Has a pretty good sound Cons: -Half of the sound loops making it more annoying than cringing. -Only one sound clip -Screen isContinue reading “iNailsonBlackboard”

Amy A. I.

Scan-readers read bolded text Amy A.I. is an app in which you “chat” to Amy A.I. via the app. The little app took some time to load, but once it was open it was quite entertaining. Pros: -Entertaining -Unique app -Very easy to use -Multi-lingual Cons: -Amy’s brain is not very broad -Does not recognizeContinue reading “Amy A. I.”

Spawn Illuminati

Pros: -Mesmerizing effects -Lots of controllable options Cons: -Instruction screen disappears a little too quickly -Controls can be difficult. 4/5 When I first learned about this application in the forums, it sparked my interest, until it said in the description “firework.” Then I was like ‘o great, not another ‘firework’ app. However soon after downloadingContinue reading “Spawn Illuminati”

Lie Detector

Mobile Pros: -Um…graphics? Cons: -Doesn’t work $2.99 1/5 The Lie Detector App claims that it can detect when a person is lying, 100% of the time I was unsuccessful in getting the app to work. When you open the app it tells you to input a few things about the person that is being questioned.Continue reading “Lie Detector”

3D Fireworks

Mobile Pros: -Several colors & burst types -Can pause motionCons: -Hard to navigate viewing -Lack of customizing the height of the burst -Lack of realistic physics. 2/5 In the past I’ve purchased PyroMania, which was a fun little application and I was excited to try out 3D Fireworks, however, I was greatly let down. StraightContinue reading “3D Fireworks”


So you go to a new sushi restaurant in town, you think, “man I bet they have an awesome yellow tail roll here”. You are seated at a table by the beautiful waitress, you open the menu, and low and hold…the menu uses terms that you know nothing about. You think to yourself, “I couldContinue reading “SushiTime”


Pyro Mania is a neat little app. You can create yourself your very own mini firework show.


Kooaba allow you to take a picture of a movie poster, then looks up the info about the movie.

What’s On

NOTE: See the News tab above to see recent update about this app. What’s On is a TV program look up for your TV cable or satellite in your area.