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Quick Look Review: TweetMic
TweetMic [$0.99 – iTunes link] puts a whole new spin on Tweeting. With TweetMic you are basically able to Twitter small podcasts via this application. What happens when you use TweetMic is you record a message via the iPhone’s built in Mic, you can play it back or post it with a short Twitter message.Continue reading “Main”
2009 Best & Worst Icons of the Year
Okay, so I have been working an article and I got to looking at a bunch of the icons (around 6,000). Now going through these icons, I didn’t know the name of the apps that these icons refer to, I was only able to recognize the ones that I’ve seen in the past. I figureContinue reading “Main”
Pocket Tanks Deluxe – Pick of the Week
Pocket Tanks Deluxe has been around for some time now as a PC & Mac game but now it is available on iPhone! Pocket Tanks Deluxe is a 2D tank artillery game. This isn’t just a port of an old game, the controls & interface have been completely re-done. The game finally follows it’s nameContinue reading “Main”
Tweetero – App Pick of the Week
Yes, Tweetero is a Twitter application and while is has all the usual standard Twitter actions, what put this on my radar was that it allows you to save Tweets that you can send later. Of course it doesn’t have all the nifty features of say, Birdhouse, but it is nice to have the optionContinue reading “Main”
Pros: -Full game, simply a port -Save up to 4 different instances -Interacting objects on screen as well as navigating by tapping in the direction you want to go Cons: -No in-game browser for hints (feature coming soon) -Not a “tome-waster” (could be a “pro” as well) -slide show movement Video (mobile version for now)Continue reading “Main”
Snapdat – Pick of the Week
Snapdat is a creative app that allows an user to send digital business cards to people. The receiver, by email obtains a digital picture of the business card as well as a vCard attachment for importing into their address book. This is a handy application to have when you are caught off guard and don’tContinue reading “Main”
Myst – Pick of the Week
Having been playing this game for the past couple of weeks, I have thoroughly enjoyed playing it. Many of you will probably know this game, some of you may not. For those of you who don’t , Myst is a complex puzzle game in which you must find a way of a deserted island/world. TheContinue reading “Main”
3D Gallery – Pick of the Week
3D Gallery allows you to create your very own virtual art gallery. There are controls on screen that allow you to maneuver through two virtual galleries with photos on the walls. The really great feature here, is that you can customize the photos on the walls with your own art. You can also re-size orContinue reading “Main”
Pros: -Sleek Interface -Sounds & animation to go with each “screen” or tap -Complex conversions Cons: -Takes quite long to update currencies at app start up (quicker in airplane mode, due to currencies not updating) -“Wheel” ‘clicks’ into place rather than smoothly rolling. 4.5/5 $0.99 Overall: ConvertBot is by Tapbots – the developers of WeightBotContinue reading “Main”
Pros -Multiple ways of retrieving documents onto your iPhone -512MB of server storage -nice document viewer -document logos make finding documents easier -Ability to sync iPhone with server & vice versa -Book marking in documents Cons -In doc viewer, tapping bottom of screen makes doc auto scroll, can be annoying at times -Has trouble handlingContinue reading “Main”
Pros -Easy Navigation -Interesting and quick navigation within terminology lists Cons -Not all the grape varieties have pronunciations -No way to add notes. Overall I think this is a neat little reference guide. While you might find more information about each of the term on the Internet (and I’d like to see the option forContinue reading “Main”
Wallpaper Maker Pro
Wallpaper Maker adds your contact info to any picture on your iPhone.
Pano vs. Panorama
So what do I think is the better app? Panorama. Read below to see why. Versus Overall: I find Panorama app the winner as I like the ability to use as many photos as it takes to complete my Panorama. Even though there is an extra step involved (compared to the Pano app) in addingContinue reading “Main”
GeoDefense – Pick of the Week
Current favorite for this week is GeoDefence. I was a bit hesitant in getting it as I had fieldrunners, however, this game is just as cool. It has more upgrades and towers also the main thing is that the path is created for you and you have to set up the towers along the path.Continue reading “Main”
Ouch! – Pick of the Week
Ouch is the best game to release some stress When you have had a really bad day and want to beat the crap out of someone, Ouch will come to your rescue. The whole object of the game is to create as much pain to the avatar as possible. The app allows you to notContinue reading “Main”
TwittMS – Pick of the Week
TwittMS is an application that turns your Twitter account into an SMS-like application I never really thought of Twitter as using it as an “SMS” app, as for one, the interface didn’t feel right. But this application takes care of that. It acts just like SMS but with some cool features. [$1.99 – iTunes link]
Tea Time
No video for this application, app is simple enough Pros -Basic UI – easy to navigate -Simple application Cons -No way to change the alarm sound -Timer image does not change according to the type of tea selected -Lack of options 3/5 Tea Time! Is a timer app that lets you know when your teaContinue reading “Main”
Meditate Now 2
Mobile Version Pros: -Professional voice & audio -Easy interface to switch between audios Cons: -Photo in audio is hard to discern, if unfamiliar with technique. -The info icon leaves the app unexpectedly 4/5 Meditate Now 2 is an application that contains a series of audio clips that capable of helping you alleviate stress and allowContinue reading “Main”
Todo App Mega Review
Pre-Intro: The following post was featured on The iPhone Blog and received over 3,000 views in less than 70 hours! Intro: In the past few weeks I have been testing 7 ToDo applications – Things, Appigo’s ToDo, Toodledo, Done, Zenbe Lists, Ultimate ToDos, and Firetask. I kept restrictions of the SDK in mind, meaning ifContinue reading “Main”
Habit Check
Mobile Version Pros: -Quick & Easy Entry -Quick Updating -Graphs Cons: -Graphs don’t appear for a few days -Screen doesn’t rotate 3.5/5 Habit Check is an application that helps you keep track (and stay on track) of your habits. Basically you create a Habit that you have by tapping on the “+” button then eachContinue reading “Main”
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Goal Tender
Mobile Version Pros: -Create multiple goals -Create sub tasks to complete goals -Journal entries – Easy reference -Sync with server Cons: -Manual Slider -No help file 4.1/5GoalTender help you to keep track of your goals and your progress. GoalTender is essentially a Todo, but utilities the idea of having sub-categories as the Todo’s. Can youContinue reading “Main”
Mobile Version Pros: -Numerous options to choose from -Fun application to personalize your photos Cons: -Lag time on more than about 10 objects placed on the photo -Bad placement of developer’s website link -limited to 14 objects -lacking objects from running sports (marathons, track, ice skating) Sports Brush is a simple photo editing application thatContinue reading “Main”
Fitness Day Journal
Mobile Version Fitness Day Journal (iFiness on iPhone icon) is an application that helps you keep track of your fitness activities (exercises) by listing the instances you have done them and visual graphs of your activities Fitness Day Journal is relatively simple and easy to use. On the main page, at the top is aContinue reading “Main”
NOTE: THIS APPLICATIO IN NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN THE APP STORE. Mobile Version Pros: -High Quality Astronomy pictures -Information provided with pictures Cons: -Info page doesn’t scroll correctly -Contact button refers to a webpage that doesn’t reference application. -Contact button on main screen throws user experiece away from the norm. -Overpriced 2/5 iAstrology is anContinue reading “Main”
Photo Brush
Mobile Version Pros: -Numerous options to choose from -Great little photo (stamp) editor -Has a lot of objects of varying holidays and other Cons: -Lag time on more than about 10 objects placed on the photo when having both switches in the “on” position -Bad placement of developer’s website link Photo Brush is a simpleContinue reading “Main”
Mobile Version Pros: -Interesting gameplay -Different levels of difficulty. Cons: -Audio is needed in order to play game. -Game gets rather boring after a few levels SuperSniper puts an interesting game in the palm of your hand. The whole idea of SuperSniper is to “snipe” terrorists through windows without hurting and hostages. Note*: You mightContinue reading “Main”
Mobile Version Pros: -Numerous colors & burst types -Record “show” feature -Fluctuation in volume for small vs. large bursts Cons: -Not a variety of bursting sounds -No sound when you are creating a trail with your finger -Logo at the bottom is a little distracting -“Picture” on the record show details is somewhat odd. iLoveFireworks,Continue reading “Main”
New Review Layout
I’ve decided to change the layout of my reviews – The video will be first followed by my given rank, pros & cons, followed by the review. I think this will help some readers who just want a quick view of the app, rather than having to scroll all the way to the bottom inContinue reading “Main”
AppShopping is an application that allows you to check for new apps, app price changes, or updated app that come into the iTunes AppStore. You can view applications by release date/new (paid or free); price changes; Updated apps, or you can view apps by category (via new-free, new-paid, price change, or Update) *Note: I feelContinue reading “Main”
Mobile Version Pros: -Good particle graphics -Asteroid-like game play but much more colorful -Tilt-controls are accurate (not too sensitive, but just right) -5 weapon upgrades to use Cons: -No way to reset the neutral position for tilt controls -After dying (show meter falls too far) you must start over from level 1 Illuminations is developedContinue reading “Main”
ePhoto is an ingenious application, it allows you to send more than one photo via email to whom ever you wish. Layout: You begin in the program by selecting the photos that you want out of you photo album or camera roll. After each selection of a photo you can either add another photo, clearContinue reading “Main”
Dietician is a unique and one-of-a-kind application. There is no other app quite like this in the app store. Dietician creates a meal plan depending on certain criteria that you select (type of diet, etc.) and it also figures out what meals you should eat, and a grocery list to go along with it. 4.3/4Continue reading “Main”
True or Lie
True or Lie is an application that acts as a Lie Detector. Ths app uses a method that I haven’t seen in the app store. You begin by placing the microphone of the iPod earbuds headset on the artery on your throat so that the app can “hear” your pulse. Once the app picks upContinue reading “Main”
Super Sniper
SuperSniper puts an interesting game in the palm of your hand. The whole idea of SuperSniper is to “snipe” terrorists through windows without hurting and hostages. Pros: -Interesting gameplay -Different levels of difficulty.Cons: -Audio is needed in order to play game. -Game gets rather boring after a few levels 3.5/5 Note*: You might notice thatContinue reading “Main”
Herbs & Spices
Pros: -Picture with every Spice or Herb -Alternative names listed with each herb/spice -Full description and uses of herb/spice. Cons: -List text can sometimes be hard to read due to background image. -No search -No start-from-top (explained above) Herbs and spices is a simple database application. The application explains a multitude of spices – whatContinue reading “Main”
Note: EDGE is currently not available in the app store due to a legal conflict. However, it looks like they are making the push to get it pack in the app store. Quite frankly, we hope they do because this is one of our favorite & highest ranked games we have reviewed. Pros: -Addicting gameContinue reading “Main”
This app was originally free at the time of reviewing. As of 11-12-09 the app is currently $1.99 . The current rating does not reflect the price change. —————————————— FATN stands for Free App To Note iPlant is a really neat application, it is a reference for you to view the medical and culinary informationContinue reading “Main”
WiFi Disk
WiFi Disk turns your iPhone into a portable drive – allowing you to carry your files with you on your iPhone. Only thing that you need is a WiFi connection for your iPhone and your computer to be connected to the same network (LAN or WiFi). Pros: -Use the web or FTP to transfer filesContinue reading “Main”
InvinciBall (developed by ProtonStudio) is easily described at a King-of-the-Hill game. The basic idea is to take your “ball” and knock other balls off the “island” before they knock you off. Game Play: There are 3 different modes of play: Classic, Survival, & Territory. In Classic mode, there are several “scoring-zones” that are placed aroundContinue reading “Main”
Wallpaper Notes
Wallpaper notes is an application that allows its user to create notes on a “sticky” then set it as their wallpaper. Pros: -Good idea -Multi-colored fonts Cons: -Font too small -Some colors of the font are hard to read -No option to change color of font nor background -Accidental deleting on lines can happen withContinue reading “Main”
Tank Warrior
Tank Warrior is a 2D side-scrolling retro-style shot ’em up. In the game, you select a level (all levels are unlocked to begin with) You mission – Destroy all enemies! Mostly your enemies consist of “plastic army men” figures shooting little orange balls at you. (there are3 also helicopters). The green ones- one shot killsContinue reading “Main”
iNailsonBlackboard is a simple, one screen application and the screen represents a black chalkboard. When you touch the screen you iPhone emits a “nail-scratch on chalkboard” sound. Pros: -Looks like a chalkboard -Has a pretty good sound Cons: -Half of the sound loops making it more annoying than cringing. -Only one sound clip -Screen isContinue reading “Main”
Peeps is a new and interesting way to view your contacts- by their pictures! Pros: -Cover-flow viewing of contacts -Easy and quick setup -Create your own groups. Cons: -Viewing in Cover-flow is fickle When you first open the application, all you contact are loaded into the app. For me it only took about 5 secondContinue reading “Main”
While this app came out some time ago, I have been meaning to write a review for this app, but I always end up getting distracted playing the game, then running out of time. So finally I have distanced myself from my iPhone to bring you this review. 🙂 This is easily one of theContinue reading “Main”
Animoto – FATN Review
FATN stands for Free App To Note What is Animoto? Animoto gives you the ability to create photomontages with transitions and music all on your iPhone, well sort of… you’ll need an Internet connection as well.
Wanted is a simple picture editing application that turns a picture of a person into a wanted poster. The poster can then be printed out onto a piece of paper for the office. Don’t worry the output file is much larger than a normal iPhone picture.
Get an iPhone 3G for Christmas?
Did someone surprise you with a new iPhone 3G this year. Need help getting things sorted out? Cheank out this blog post over at If you have any questions that you can’t find, you can always e-mail me- msbaylor (at) gmail (dot) com or check out the fourums over at for a wholeContinue reading “Main”
Hero of Sparta
Hero of Sparta came out a few weeks ago around the time of Brothers In Arms and it is also done by gameloft. I’ve come to realize that gameloft has really been putting out some awesome games and this is no exception. Hero of Sparta brings the “Hack n’ Slash” genre to the iPhone. Pros:Continue reading “Main”
De Blob
De Blob is a simple game; you run the character around bumping into different buildings, coloring them.
Camera bag is a simple and creative application. It allows you to apply several different filters to a picture you have already taken our one that you can take within the  application itself. Besides the filters themselves, you have the option to choose which  resolution you wish to use. The higher the resolution the longerContinue reading “Main”
Bugz has to be one of the most entertaining games I’ve played (and really the only one I’ve completed all the levels on). The game play here is simple – you create an explosion, for lack of a better tem, which if the bugs hit it, they in turn explode creating a chain reaction. FromContinue reading “Main”
Brothers In Arms Hour of Heroes
This new game from Gameloft has raised the bar yet again on  their games. After finding out that this game has in the App Store I  immediately downloaded it and started to play it. The graphics are  that of Nintendo64, but the detection, Audio and AI are better than that of the N64. For thoseContinue reading “Main”
Pros: -Nice Interface -Large Selection of Sounds -Timer -Auto-Exit Feature -Alarm at the end of timer feature Cons: -When selecting a sound, you have to push Play/Stop every time you want to hear a different sound. 3.9/5 For to-the-point readers, read the bolded text aSleep is a “Sound-Machine” type of app. It is comparable toContinue reading “Main”