UFO on Tape

UFO on Tape is a totally unique game and has the potential to be a truly viral game! The concept revolving (pun intended) around the game is that you must follow with your iPhone a UFO in the sky. The game starts up with you looking out the window of a moving car, your scoreContinue reading “UFO on Tape”


The Tonido App allows you to access your Tonido software or your TonidoPlug from anywhere you have an Internet connection. If you already know what the Tonido software is, you can skip to the review below. Don’t know what Tonido is? “Tonido allows you to access and share ALL of your desktop’s files, documents, photos,Continue reading “Tonido”

X-Plane 9 for iPad

A flight simulator with a multitude of maps, aircrafts & missions. The video is at the bottom of the post. Pros: -22 Regions (Maps) -40 Aircrafts with customizations -A multitude of flying conditions -Missions for each aircraft (even docking the space shuttle at the ISS!) -Radio Chatter -Realistic scenery with 3D buildings & terrain -InContinue reading “X-Plane 9 for iPad”


Pros: -Super simple application -3 color markers (for flagging items) -Attach notes & due dates -Easy custom sorting along with pre-defined sorting -Search for items/keywords -New item entry is quick Cons: -Controlling app is away from “normal” look-alike app UI features -Due date/notes are not displayed in-line with item (except when sorting items by dueContinue reading “Sorted”

Scripts Pro

Scripts Pro is an outstanding application that allows any user to write & format a script with ease. Pros: Auto creation or title page A TAB button for creating the format of a line Scene Outlines Global character editing Importing Universal app platform Import/Export of Celtx (*.celtx), Final Draft (*.fdx) & TXT (*.txt) files E-mailContinue reading “Scripts Pro”

GrooveMaker Club on Sale

GrooveMaker Club (for iPhone & iPod) is on sale for $2.99 until April 30th. IK Multimedia is celebrating their launch of their contest “Be A GrooveMaker” they are giving away a 16GB WiFi iPad to the winner. Take a look at their website for more details on the contest. [Download GrooveMaker Club via iTunes]


Firstly, this is one of the worst apps in the store. Secondly I was a sucker & purchased it. Why? Mainly because I was waiting for DailyBurn to release their highly anticipated iPhone app . I saw it and bought the app without even reading the description. FAIL. Pros: -You get to make fun ofContinue reading “FatBurner2K”

RedLaser (Updated)

Red Laser is a super simple application. The apps allows you to scan barcodes with the iPhone’s camera and it gives you prices, details & reviews about the product associated with the barcode. Pros: -Easy to use -Quickly scan barcodes -Ridiculously accurate -Find “local results” for a product -Detailed search results -Reviews from http://alaTest.com -FoodContinue reading “RedLaser (Updated)”

Evil Oven

This was a review I wrote a while back, but forgot to post it. Fortunately, the app is no longer available. I have no idea why I bought this app, must have been one late night… It’s adds another tally to the pointless/worse app category. the app is a virtual stove-top at you finger-tips..! ThereContinue reading “Evil Oven”

Updates to the Website

Since we have udated the site a couple of weeks ago, we recently opened up registration to the website/forums, however upon recieving your registration confirmation, you will need to click on the link to confirm your registration. However, there is an issue – the link is an IP address, that is a bit unconventional andContinue reading “Updates to the Website”

The New Website!

So we guess you have seen the new layout already, but we wanted to go ahead and tell you all the cool things you can do on The iPhone App Blog now. With the new layout, you can: Browse reviews and their summaries Quick access to our “Picks of the week” View our 10 topContinue reading “The New Website!”

MyWeather Mobile

Pros: -Automatic location search – hence “MyWeather” -Sleek UI -Highly interactive radar/satellite/alerts map -Severe weather alerts via Push -World-wide data info (locations outside US have limited data) -Trends -Multiple views Cons: -No extended daily-horizontal-view. (6+ days) -Weather forecast can sometime be inaccurate 3.9/5 MyWeather Mobile is by far one of the best weather applications inContinue reading “MyWeather Mobile”

Advent Apollo

Advent Apollo is a Apollo Mission themed advent calendar.

(Updated!) Review: Notifications

NOTE: (12-21-09) CONOVAE updated their. For previous purchasers of this app, if you update, you will automatically receive 20,000 notifications and as the screenshot shows below, you’ll still receive notifications even after you run out of credits!?) New users receive 100 free notifications & additional 20,000 notifications can be purchased for $0.99. We find thisContinue reading “(Updated!) Review: Notifications”

Air Video

Pros: -Great interface -Live conversion of videos -Add multiple servers -Compression settings galore -Select audio streams -Create compression presets -Conversions are very goodCons: -Remote server can be tricky to set up as Port forwarding doesn’t work on all networks -Smaller, less resourceful computers, will not be able to run the software. 4.6/5 I was quiteContinue reading “Air Video”