AppShopping is an application that allows you to check for new apps, app price changes, or updated app that come into the iTunes AppStore.

You can view applications by release date/new (paid or free); price changes; Updated apps, or you can view apps by category (via new-free, new-paid, price change, or Update)

*Note: I feel that I need to say this as I noticed numerous low ranking in the AppStore. Many people might find this application much like AppSniper, while it’s not my goal in this review to compare the applications, I do feel that each app has it’s pros and cons and that one app might fit some, while the other might fit another audience.

The application may take anywhere between 5-10 seconds to load depending on your connection. Te app will automatically open on the “What’s New” Tab. If you select the option to pick between paid or free in any of the tabs you might see red images with question marks appear. These mean that the image is still loading or there was an error in loading the thumbnail.

I really enjoyed the layout of the list of application. In he default view, it lists the app badge icon, the title, its category and price.
Under the price changes tab, you don’t have the category in the list view, but you do have the price change – exe. $3.99 -> $4.99 . You also have an image that can easily be identifiable by the the color correlating to the price change – red = price increase & green = price decrease. You also have the percentage of change.
Under the Update tab, the listing view looks much like the “What’s New” Tab
The “Categories” tab lists all the different categories, upon tapping on the category, you’ll have the list for that category and 4 sorting option (listed above).

Layout in viewing an Application’s details:
Tapping on an app in the list view will display the details for the application. It was take anywhere from 5 seconds to 10 seconds to load the details depending on your data connection. This layout is what really make this application differ from AppSniper.

You have details, and screenshots. The details page is basically split up into 3 parts – part one is the header which includes the thumbnail, the title, the category, price, developer, release date, size, and version, and compatibility. The second part has the details. Now the details section is a bit odd to me as it is like it’s own screen within a screen, in which it has it’s own scroll bar.

Part 3 are in-line thumbnails which is a nice addition. I don’t like having to hit another button just to wait for the screen shots to load (such as in AppSniper,) I personally like AppShopping more so than any other application due to the information it has in-line.

When tapping on the category, the category does not always highlight and therefore, it is hard to discern whether on not the category is loading. Also after the category list loads and you tap on another filter, the thumbnails do not load. However there seems to be a work around (but there really shouldn’t be) if you scroll through the list, the images suddenly seem to load. Another thing I noticed was that in the app details view, the description is a bit odd to view and can be hard to navigate past the description. I’d like to have all the text in-line with everything else, not just in it’s own little “box.”

I like where this application is going and I really prefer it over AppSniper as I don’t do much snipping but mainly to see what’s new in the AppStore. I would like the see a Watch List/Favorites List of something of the like. I think this application has several filters and lists to satisfy any new-app-craving (or older apps too) person.

-Numerous lists and filters to choose from
-In-line picture viewing

-No search function
-No wish list (favorites)
-Details scroll area is awkward
-Hard to scroll past details
-Details text is a little small