FATN stands for Free App To Note

What is Animoto? Animoto gives you the ability to create photomontages with transitions and music all on your iPhone, well sort of… you’ll need an Internet connection as well.

-Very Easy UI to use
-High quality rendered video
-Can share videos via e-mail (link to video)
-Cool new way to share photos on the go.

-No way to link videos created to an account
-Short videos
– less than 45 sec. long
-Limited number of photos can be included (16)
-No way to credit your self (“Created by” example.)
-Large Animoto ad at end of each video.

I got really excited when I saw what this application said it could do and after trying it out, it didn’t live up to what I had in mind, but it seems to be on the right track.

In the application, you begin by selecting 8-16 photos from your photo roll. After selecting them, you can re-arrange the photos as you see fit. To re-arrange the icons is like re-arranging icons on you home screen.

After that, you move on to music selection. They have a wide range of genres to select from (this really surprised me,) however; they do not offer popular current music (at least I am not aware of it.) When you tap on a song name it will automatically stream a demo to you, if you like it, then tap the “select” button.

After you have selected the music, you can continue and review the details of the choices you have made in the previous steps, including the option to rename the video.

Once you are done, the app will upload the photos to the net, create the video and host it. It will take a minute or two to process and within the app, you will be notified when it has completed. If you exit the app (after the upload,) a number notify icon will appear on the home screen app icon to notify you when your video is ready.

During the upload process and rendering, you can start on a new video if you wish, however, if you leave the app while upload is taking place, the app will cancel the upload.

The video will be no more than about 45 seconds in length and no less than about 18 seconds. The length of the video and the type of transitions that are in the video seem to depend on what genre and song you select. A fast paced song seems to end up being a shorter video or having a slow paced song has a longer video.

After creating the video you’ll still have the option of changing the pictures in it, re-arranging them, changing the music or “remixing the video.” Remixing the video means the transitions within the video change. You also have the ability to share the video with someone whether they have the application or not.

Overall I really like what this app offered, however I think the photomontages are a bit short and I’d also like to see the ability to pick the transitions or a pack of transitions to add to the video. Also I’d like to see the photo selection expanded to allow more photos added. I think the videos are pretty nifty to share with family and friends on the go.

Below is a link to a video I made of screenshots for the app “Wanted.” As for displaying the screenshots I think it did a pretty good job.

Another thing you’ll notice in the video is that it attaches the Animoto trailer to the end. While yes, I agree they need to be credited, I however, disagree with how large and obtrusive it is to a user’s experience. Also I noticed at the end of the video, there is text in the bottom left-hand corner. In the second line it says “created by” but no name, in the app (nor in the setting panel) is there a way to include your name. Also on their main website, there really is no way (that I could figure out) to link your account with the videos that you create on your iPhone. This is a real bummer since you have the ability to download the videos off their main site. The overall quality of the videos are very good – DVD-like quality. This is defiantly an app to check out and experience.

More screenshots can be found here.


Mobile Version

Animoto.com Video of “Wanted”