-Several colors & burst types
-Can pause motion
-Hard to navigate viewing
-Lack of customizing the height of the burst
-Lack of realistic physics.


In the past I’ve purchased PyroMania, which was a fun little application and I was excited to try out 3D Fireworks, however, I was greatly let down. Straight up, I wouldn’t recommend it right now. Here’s why:

The initial screen begins on describing you how to navigate within the application

When I first navigated the screen, it was a bit disorienting. The screen seemed to pan and move about as I tapped the screen in order to “set-off” the fireworks. I then thought about the initial screen and “locked” the camera. I started tapping the screen once again and I heard the bursts, but did not see hem, or half of the bursts would come into to screen, as if it had bursts just off screen. I unlocked the camera and moved about, I found it quite easy (and very annoying) that you could look directly up and begin spiraling. Also it has tilt controls on it, which I found a bit confusing , When you are looking down at the screen, you can see the horizon, with the fireworks bursting near the top of the screen. When you move it above your head, it’s like your watching it from directly underneath. Knowing this it seems a bit odd, I mean in physical reality that doesn’t happen…if you look up, you see nothing. If you hove your finger around the screen, it pans around the firework burst. This is a neat idea, if everything else worked out equally it would be a very nice app.

I found that you can only set off one firework at a time (no multi-touch). However by tapping multiple times you can set off several.

Once you begin messing around with the application, by tapping the screen I believed you that you could set off a firework and it would explode at that height, but it doesn’t, it seems to burst at a preset height (or randomized preset height). The main thing I was impressed with, was the assortment of colors and types of breaks, it however (as with other firework apps) lack willow-style fireworks (bursts that break and then slowly fall toward the ground) and it also doesn’t have and multi-break explosions.

There are however, a multitude of colors and different burst types compared to other firework applications. You might even come across a bursting-smiley.

If you stop touching the screen for a few seconds, the app will, on its own, begin to “shoot” off fireworks

In the application, you have the ability to pause what is currently on screen and move around it (hence 3D). You also have the ability to change the time of day – sunset (orange in sky & stars), after-sunset (blue in sky & stars) and night (black with stars). Truthfully, I felt this was an un-needed feature.

I am still flabbergasted as to why the firework applications don’t utilize the mic input (like Ocarina). It would be really cool to see the fireworks explode to music.

Overall I would not recommend this application even for $0.99. I however wouldn’t mind paying $1.99 if they ironed out the viewing issues and added some of the features I mentioned.