Pros: -Sleek Interface -Sounds & animation to go with each “screen” or tap -Complex conversions Cons: -Takes quite long to update currencies at app start up (quicker in airplane mode, due to currencies not updating) -“Wheel” ‘clicks’ into place rather than smoothly rolling. 4.5/5 $0.99 Overall: ConvertBot is by Tapbots – the developers of WeightBotContinue reading “Convertbot”


Pros -Multiple ways of retrieving documents onto your iPhone -512MB of server storage -nice document viewer -document logos make finding documents easier -Ability to sync iPhone with server & vice versa -Book marking in documents Cons -In doc viewer, tapping bottom of screen makes doc auto scroll, can be annoying at times -Has trouble handlingContinue reading “Readdledocs”


Pros -Easy Navigation -Interesting and quick navigation within terminology lists Cons -Not all the grape varieties have pronunciations -No way to add notes. Overall I think this is a neat little reference guide. While you might find more information about each of the term on the Internet (and I’d like to see the option forContinue reading “Vine2Wine”

Pano vs. Panorama

So what do I think is the better app? Panorama. Read below to see why. Versus Overall: I find Panorama app the winner as I like the ability to use as many photos as it takes to complete my Panorama. Even though there is an extra step involved (compared to the Pano app) in addingContinue reading “Pano vs. Panorama”