Okay, so I have been working an article and I got to looking at a bunch of the icons (around 6,000). Now going through these icons, I didn’t know the name of the apps that these icons refer to, I was only able to recognize the ones that I’ve seen in the past.

I figure is can’t be hard to create a decent app icon and for some that make multiple apps, it’s nice to change up the icon; otherwise it gets thrown into my worst icon bin. So without further ado, here are the Worst Icon Runner ups:

(Click on Image to Enlarge)

I had several things I took into consideration upon awarding icons the Worst Icon awards:

  1. Text on Icon – even worse, unreadable text
  2. Generic graphics exe. dollar signs, hearts, etc.
  3. Clip art as the icon image
  4. one color
  5. dark image
  6. too small graphic to see
  7. bad resolution of image within icon
  8. bad placement of graphic (a ball sitting in the corner with a bunch of black around it)

So the third place goes to the less than good resolution icon:

Second place goes to this icon & whatever it says…:

And finally FIRST PLACE for Worst iPhone App icon goes to erm… this one… whatever it is:

So Congrats to those app icons. Your prize: an opinion telling you to make you icon better…

Okay so on a better note, lets switch over to the BEST icons of the year. So while doing the opposite of the things I listed above would make the icon creators get their app icon into the “good bin” the items I’ve listed below really help get the icon a “Best” icon award.

  1. 3D graphics (use of the Z-axis)
  2. Multiple colors used
  3. No text or clearly defined text
  4. iPhone themed colors, but not copy cat icons
  5. Anything with a flame on it (personal favorite…ok this really doesn’t count…)
  6. 3D logo of a company, etc.

Here are the runner ups:

(Click on image to enlarge)

Coming in at third place, is:

For is unique concept and creative take on the app. It also represents the app itself uniqely.

Second place, is:

For is creative & 3D perspective on using Twitter’s bird icon and the z-axis for depth.


For clearly defining the app as well as using closely themed colors from the standard iPhone apps.
(Yes, I am making an exception to text in the icon – it’s readable)

Congrats to those icons that won the TiPAb BEST APP ICON AWARD, you receive praise by myself…and I’ve purchased the top 3.

If I have not mentioned some of the app names that these icons refer to feel free to tell me in the comments. Also what are some app icon (app names) that you hat or like? Any apps you’ve purchased just because the icon looked cool? or the other way around? Sound off in the comments!