Spawn Illuminati

Pros: -Mesmerizing effects -Lots of controllable options Cons: -Instruction screen disappears a little too quickly -Controls can be difficult. 4/5 When I first learned about this application in the forums, it sparked my interest, until it said in the description “firework.” Then I was like ‘o great, not another ‘firework’ app. However soon after downloadingContinue reading “Spawn Illuminati”

Lie Detector

Mobile Pros: -Um…graphics? Cons: -Doesn’t work $2.99 1/5 The Lie Detector App claims that it can detect when a person is lying, 100% of the time I was unsuccessful in getting the app to work. When you open the app it tells you to input a few things about the person that is being questioned.Continue reading “Lie Detector”

3D Fireworks

Mobile Pros: -Several colors & burst types -Can pause motionCons: -Hard to navigate viewing -Lack of customizing the height of the burst -Lack of realistic physics. 2/5 In the past I’ve purchased PyroMania, which was a fun little application and I was excited to try out 3D Fireworks, however, I was greatly let down. StraightContinue reading “3D Fireworks”


Vegan Yum Yum Mobile is an app that allows a user to access several Vegan recipes with pictures, ingredient checklist and picture guided instructions. Mobile Pros: -Unique & well-executed Interface -Ingredient Checklist -Numerous Photos in Directions -Favorites List Cons: -Only Vegan Recipes -No way to edit recipes 4.7/5 FREE The main thing I liked aboutContinue reading “VeganYumYum”


When I first heard about the Ocarina app, I thought to myself “ o okay, it’s just another music instrument app. After purchasing the app, I was mistakenly surprised, it exceeded my expectations. This app turns your iPhone into a virtual Ocarina. It is a very nifty little app. Pros: -Extremely interactive, great for anybody!Continue reading “Ocarina”


So you go to a new sushi restaurant in town, you think, “man I bet they have an awesome yellow tail roll here”. You are seated at a table by the beautiful waitress, you open the menu, and low and hold…the menu uses terms that you know nothing about. You think to yourself, “I couldContinue reading “SushiTime”


Pros: -Full keyboard -Interesting take for a piano application -Should be a fun app for kids Cons: -Inaccurate template for tempo -Sound quality poor for repetitive key presses. FingerPiano is a piano app with a twist, it shows you which keys to press in order to play a certain song. All the song are classicalContinue reading “FingerPiano”


Glyph is a 3-or-more matching-type game, it is however much different than other games in that is adds small cut-ins & other small games, similar to Simon-Says – in which you has to memorize the way they light up. And then repeat it. The goal of the game is to rid the playing board ofContinue reading “Glyph”

Shelf Life

ShelfLife is a very simple application – it determines when you should throw out certain food in your fridge.


The SmartTime application is a simple yet complex to-do application.