Animoto – FATN Review

FATN stands for Free App To Note What is Animoto? Animoto gives you the ability to create photomontages with transitions and music all on your iPhone, well sort of… you’ll need an Internet connection as well.


Wanted is a simple picture editing application that turns a picture of a person into a wanted poster. The poster can then be printed out onto a piece of paper for the office. Don’t worry the output file is much larger than a normal iPhone picture.

Hero of Sparta

Hero of Sparta came out a few weeks ago around the time of Brothers In Arms and it is also done by gameloft. I’ve come to realize that gameloft has really been putting out some awesome games and this is no exception. Hero of Sparta brings the “Hack n’ Slash” genre to the iPhone. Pros:Continue reading “Hero of Sparta”

De Blob

De Blob is a simple game; you run the character around bumping into different buildings, coloring them.


Camera bag is a simple and creative application. It allows you to apply several different filters to a picture you have already taken our one that you can take within the  application itself. Besides the filters themselves, you have the option to choose which  resolution you wish to use. The higher the resolution the longerContinue reading “CameraBag”


Bugz has to be one of the most entertaining games I’ve played (and really the only one I’ve completed all the levels on). The game play here is simple – you create an explosion, for lack of a better tem, which if the bugs hit it, they in turn explode creating a chain reaction. FromContinue reading “Bugz”


Pros: -Nice Interface -Large Selection of Sounds -Timer -Auto-Exit Feature -Alarm at the end of timer feature Cons: -When selecting a sound, you have to push Play/Stop every time you want to hear a different sound. 3.9/5 For to-the-point readers, read the bolded text aSleep is a “Sound-Machine” type of app. It is comparable toContinue reading “aSleep”

Amy A. I.

Scan-readers read bolded text Amy A.I. is an app in which you “chat” to Amy A.I. via the app. The little app took some time to load, but once it was open it was quite entertaining. Pros: -Entertaining -Unique app -Very easy to use -Multi-lingual Cons: -Amy’s brain is not very broad -Does not recognizeContinue reading “Amy A. I.”


Well, I have finally got this blog up and running and I will soon be posting the iPhone App Reviews that I post in The iPhone Blog Forums. I am currently a regular reviewer over there, and this blog is an archive of what I have written. I highly encourage you to go there, asContinue reading “Welcome”

Slydial – FATN Review

**NOTE: While the app is still free the services are now pay-per-use or subscription-based. However, there is a trial offer. * FATN stands for Free App To Note*


At the bottom of this review you will find 2 sets of videos – a short (~3mins, describing key features & controls) and a longer video (~7mins, describing a little in-depth features.) My main concern before getting this application was – would it be able to handle all the animations on the screen, or wouldContinue reading “SimCity”


Mobile Ver. Pros: -Best way to send a photo to another iPhone user -Easy UI & direct Cons: -No direct reply to SMS sender (not really sure they can do anything about it though) $0.99 The Story: “Dude, look at that!” said my friend. I spun around to find a book titled “WTF!” I thoughtContinue reading “Quip”

Touch Physics

Video Mobile Video Pros: -Fun puzzle game -Setting panel can be fun to play with -Auto save & resume -Simple controls Cons: -Early levels can prove difficult and frustrating. (However changing some of the settings might fix this.) -Can’t save multiple games for multiple users. 4.1/5 This little app reminds me of an app thatContinue reading “Touch Physics”

Spawn Illuminati

Pros: -Mesmerizing effects -Lots of controllable options Cons: -Instruction screen disappears a little too quickly -Controls can be difficult. 4/5 When I first learned about this application in the forums, it sparked my interest, until it said in the description “firework.” Then I was like ‘o great, not another ‘firework’ app. However soon after downloadingContinue reading “Spawn Illuminati”

Lie Detector

Mobile Pros: -Um…graphics? Cons: -Doesn’t work $2.99 1/5 The Lie Detector App claims that it can detect when a person is lying, 100% of the time I was unsuccessful in getting the app to work. When you open the app it tells you to input a few things about the person that is being questioned.Continue reading “Lie Detector”

3D Fireworks

Mobile Pros: -Several colors & burst types -Can pause motionCons: -Hard to navigate viewing -Lack of customizing the height of the burst -Lack of realistic physics. 2/5 In the past I’ve purchased PyroMania, which was a fun little application and I was excited to try out 3D Fireworks, however, I was greatly let down. StraightContinue reading “3D Fireworks”


Vegan Yum Yum Mobile is an app that allows a user to access several Vegan recipes with pictures, ingredient checklist and picture guided instructions. Mobile Pros: -Unique & well-executed Interface -Ingredient Checklist -Numerous Photos in Directions -Favorites List Cons: -Only Vegan Recipes -No way to edit recipes 4.7/5 FREE The main thing I liked aboutContinue reading “VeganYumYum”


When I first heard about the Ocarina app, I thought to myself “ o okay, it’s just another music instrument app. After purchasing the app, I was mistakenly surprised, it exceeded my expectations. This app turns your iPhone into a virtual Ocarina. It is a very nifty little app. Pros: -Extremely interactive, great for anybody!Continue reading “Ocarina”