It’s been just over a week since iPhone 3.0 OS has come you, I am sure everyone has scourged through all the new features of the 3.0 update. However, I have decided to post a few features that aren’t necessarily featured and some viewers may not even know about. So here they are:

1. Continue playing while iPhone is locked – Settings >  General > Home > iPod Controls “ON” – If you have had some music that you were play and have since paused, you can continue playing it by pushing the Home button twice. This will bring up the play/pause, forward/backward buttons along with the volume slider. This seems to work even if the iPhone is passcoded.

2. Double-push the Home button to…
– Settings >  General > Home > [Choose] – This initially used to only be a shortcut for the iPod, Home, or your favorites, now the range has broaden to include Camera & Search. (I personally use it for the Camera)

3. Accurately scrub your music
– before, when you tried to get to a certain point in you music, it jumped around; however, now you can scrub at different speed. After touch the round marker move your finger vertically along the screen to change the speed in which you scrub. The lower on the screen, the the more accuracy you have.

4. Limit your search & rearrange – Settings >  General > Home > Search Results > [Choose]
– You should have noticed by now that there is the spotlight search, this option allows you to limit what appears in your search results. If you don’t want the spotlight to search your e-mails (after all there is a search in each Inbox) then you can un-check it and your iPhone will ignore the Mail results. You also can view the order in which, which category appears in what order.

5. Restrictions – Settings > General > Restrictions – While we all know Junior uses Twitter and other social networking apps, as a parent, you might not want him downloading applications with certain ratings  (or downloading them at all) or allowing apps to use his exact location. There are quite a number of restrictions that can be utilized. The restrictions are protected by the 4-digit passcode you set. If you do not want Junior using certain applications, they simply disappear (if only this worked with the all the apps, maybe we could hide the or others…).

6. How many Apps do I have?
– If you have a lot of apps (like I do) then you have probably counted them up at one point or another. In the Settings > General > About, it will tell you just how many apps you actually have.

7. Check your  AT&T Services (I assume other carriers are also included) – Settings > Phone > AT&T Services – You can view your bill balance, Pay your bill, view you minutes, use voice connect (Don’t recommend, use a free app to do this), use directory assistance (also don’t recommend – use 800-FREE-411 or the Google App) or view “My AT&T account” (uses Safari).

8. Kill the message tone!
–  Settings > Messages > Repeat Alert “OFF” – when a message comes in, your iPhone is locked and you don’t check it, it will alert you twice more. If you find this annoying, it can be turned off.

9. Where’s that e-mail?
– Search your Inbox. If you are in your e-mail, scroll all the way to the top (will auto-hide if it looks like your at the top) and search from there.

10. E-mail a contact! – Your friend asks you if you have Joe Blow’s number. You do, and  you can send them the info very easily, that is, if they have an iPhone of want to pick it up via a computer. Within you Contacts, find the person you are looking for and at the bottom of all their information, you’ll see a “Share this Contact” button. Ta it and it will open your and all you have to do is enter their e-mail address and away it goes! If you receive the contact file, then it is very easy to add to your address book.

11. Wait…What’s my number? – Settings > Phone > My Number – I am usually surprised when someone tells me they don’t know their own phone number and they ask “can you look into your address book and tell me what my phone number is? I never call myself…” Apparently Apple felt the need to add your number to the top of your Contact list, sort of. The only way you can view it, is by tapping on the, then tapping on Contacts. (If you just tap on the from your home screen, then it will not appear). If you scroll all the way to the top of your Contacts list (above the search) you’ll see your number. If I remember correctly you might have to call a friend and ask them what your number is at least once, as you’ll have to enter it to start with.

12. Zoom Zoom!
– While you have always been ale to zoom in Safari, you haven’t been able to do it in the Well that’s changed now, so Zoom away…!

13. Open in New Page
– Within Safari, by tapping and holding on a link, a menu will pop up asking you if you would like to open, open in new page or copy link.

14. Add an extension to a phone number
–  I am not completely sure this is to 3.0 and that’s also why I am adding it to the end of the list. When entering a phone number in for a contact in your address book, you can allow for a pause by tapping the “+,*,#” button in the bottom left-hand corner, then tap on pause, then tap in the extension number. Viola! No more having to mesmerize the extension number, unless you like doing that sort of thing…
*Note: you might have to enter a few pauses if you want it to hold off longer before it enters the extension number.

If you have found something unusual, lacking or surprising in OS 3.0, sound off in the comments!