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UFO on Tape
UFO on Tape is a totally unique game and has the potential to be a truly viral game! The concept revolving (pun intended) around the game is that you must follow with your iPhone a UFO in the sky. The game starts up with you looking out the window of a moving car, your scoreContinue reading “Main”
The Tonido App allows you to access your Tonido software or your TonidoPlug from anywhere you have an Internet connection. If you already know what the Tonido software is, you can skip to the review below. Don’t know what Tonido is? “Tonido allows you to access and share ALL of your desktop’s files, documents, photos,Continue reading “Main”
X-Plane 9 for iPad
A flight simulator with a multitude of maps, aircrafts & missions. The video is at the bottom of the post. Pros: -22 Regions (Maps) -40 Aircrafts with customizations -A multitude of flying conditions -Missions for each aircraft (even docking the space shuttle at the ISS!) -Radio Chatter -Realistic scenery with 3D buildings & terrain -InContinue reading “Main”
Pros: -Super simple application -3 color markers (for flagging items) -Attach notes & due dates -Easy custom sorting along with pre-defined sorting -Search for items/keywords -New item entry is quick Cons: -Controlling app is away from “normal” look-alike app UI features -Due date/notes are not displayed in-line with item (except when sorting items by dueContinue reading “Main”
Appigo’s Todo for iPad Released!
The long awaited iPad app from Appigo has finally been released – Todo for iPad. Appigo Todo for iPad Takes Advantage of the iPad’s Large Screen by Presenting a Planner-like Interface for Managing To-do Lists and Tasks. Todo for iPad is Now Available on the iPad App Store at a Special Introductory Price – $4.99Continue reading “Main”
Scripts Pro
Scripts Pro is an outstanding application that allows any user to write & format a script with ease. Pros: Auto creation or title page A TAB button for creating the format of a line Scene Outlines Global character editing Importing Universal app platform Import/Export of Celtx (*.celtx), Final Draft (*.fdx) & TXT (*.txt) files E-mailContinue reading “Main”
Saving Private Sheep on Sale for $0.99
Bullypix is celebrating the game’s upcoming content update and the impeding release of the game on iPad. Mobile phone gamers looking for some great puzzle action can do so now that Saving Private Sheep is on sale… The game: Help the woollen warrior conquer enemy territory by leading it into the secure zone. To doContinue reading “Main”
GrooveMaker Club on Sale
GrooveMaker Club (for iPhone & iPod) is on sale for $2.99 until April 30th. IK Multimedia is celebrating their launch of their contest “Be A GrooveMaker” they are giving away a 16GB WiFi iPad to the winner. Take a look at their website for more details on the contest. [Download GrooveMaker Club via iTunes]
TiPAB Featured in USAToday
Over the past few weeks we have been working with Marco R. della Cava and his article – It’s an app world, and it could swallow all computing. We were asked to pick some of the best and worst apps to exist in the iTunes app store, specifically for the USA Today audience. Matt SawyersContinue reading “Main”
Firstly, this is one of the worst apps in the store. Secondly I was a sucker & purchased it. Why? Mainly because I was waiting for DailyBurn to release their highly anticipated iPhone app . I saw it and bought the app without even reading the description. FAIL. Pros: -You get to make fun ofContinue reading “Main”
RedLaser (Updated)
Red Laser is a super simple application. The apps allows you to scan barcodes with the iPhone’s camera and it gives you prices, details & reviews about the product associated with the barcode. Pros: -Easy to use -Quickly scan barcodes -Ridiculously accurate -Find “local results” for a product -Detailed search results -Reviews from -FoodContinue reading “Main”
Evil Oven
This was a review I wrote a while back, but forgot to post it. Fortunately, the app is no longer available. I have no idea why I bought this app, must have been one late night… It’s adds another tally to the pointless/worse app category. the app is a virtual stove-top at you finger-tips..! ThereContinue reading “Main”
Angry Birds & Shift Lite – POTW
POTW stands for “Pick of the Week” Each week we bring you apps that we think are cool and/or interesting. Matt’s Pick: Angry Birds Angry Birds is a castle destruction type game and it is ridiculously addicting! You basically slingshot birds into “castles” in order to destroy the green pigs within. The game has aContinue reading “Main”
Updates to the Website
Since we have udated the site a couple of weeks ago, we recently opened up registration to the website/forums, however upon recieving your registration confirmation, you will need to click on the link to confirm your registration. However, there is an issue – the link is an IP address, that is a bit unconventional andContinue reading “Main”
Poem Flow
Pros: -Nice layout -Easy to navigate -Can be stress relieving Cons: -Have to buy extra poems 3.5/5 Poem Flow is an app that lets the user get a poem a day, and read them as a regular poem, or, if the iPhone is turned sideways, the poem is animated to play as the poem shouldContinue reading “Main”
Delivery Status touch, a package tracker
Delivery Status touch, a package tracker is an application for tracking nearly all your packages that are being delivered to you in a sleek and well organized interface. Pros: -Works with 25+ services -Each services are colored for easy viewing -Large font of “days remaining” -Quickly view details about your package -View map location ofContinue reading “Main”
The New Website!
So we guess you have seen the new layout already, but we wanted to go ahead and tell you all the cool things you can do on The iPhone App Blog now. With the new layout, you can: Browse reviews and their summaries Quick access to our “Picks of the week” View our 10 topContinue reading “Main”
Writing Toolkit
Writing Toolkit is an app that helps aspiring writers organize their ideas, helps spark new ones, and gives the user the ability to explore different types of plots and settings, as well reminds us all about simple and complex English terms used for writing. I was a bit skeptical of this one at first, butContinue reading “Main”
MyWeather Mobile
Pros: -Automatic location search – hence “MyWeather” -Sleek UI -Highly interactive radar/satellite/alerts map -Severe weather alerts via Push -World-wide data info (locations outside US have limited data) -Trends -Multiple views Cons: -No extended daily-horizontal-view. (6+ days) -Weather forecast can sometime be inaccurate 3.9/5 MyWeather Mobile is by far one of the best weather applications inContinue reading “Main”
nuTsie Top 100’s by Year
Pros: -Very user friendly -Wide range of years, 1948-2009 -The option to buy the song you’re listing to Cons: -If you have bad service, song will cut out I’ll be honest.  This is my first review of an app, so I felt it fitting to review one of the first apps I downloaded.  I boughtContinue reading “Main”
Advent Apollo
Advent Apollo is a Apollo Mission themed advent calendar.
(Updated!) Review: Notifications
NOTE: (12-21-09) CONOVAE updated their. For previous purchasers of this app, if you update, you will automatically receive 20,000 notifications and as the screenshot shows below, you’ll still receive notifications even after you run out of credits!?) New users receive 100 free notifications & additional 20,000 notifications can be purchased for $0.99. We find thisContinue reading “Main”
Air Video
Pros: -Great interface -Live conversion of videos -Add multiple servers -Compression settings galore -Select audio streams -Create compression presets -Conversions are very goodCons: -Remote server can be tricky to set up as Port forwarding doesn’t work on all networks -Smaller, less resourceful computers, will not be able to run the software. 4.6/5 I was quiteContinue reading “Main”
CraigsMobileList: TiPAb Pick of the Week
Recently I have been doing some freelance job hunting and I’ve found CraigsMobileList to be quite helpful in sifting through the craigslist search results. The app also allows you to bookmark searches, post ads, favorite certain results and set filters for your searches. As well as keep a recent city search list (helpful if youContinue reading “Main”
GrooveMaker Techno & Trance Released + Giveaway
IK Multimedia has released the Trance & Techno versions of GrooveMaker, in addition to the other four already in the App Store. Read below to find out how you can get a hold of one of these apps for FREE! The GrooveMaker Apps are a new way of creating great music on the go. IntermediateContinue reading “Main”
TiPAb Site Update
Recently the Federal Trade Commission decided to begin regulating blogging – bloggers must now disclose whether or not they have received a product they reviewed for free directly from the company; in this case receiving app promo codes. The FTC began this, because for instance […] what some consumers might not know is that manyContinue reading “Main”
Pros: -Utilizes Occipital’s RedLaser technology -quickly get food & nutritional info from the product’s UPC -Add items to the database -Optionally sync with DailyBurn account -Works well on both the iPhone 3GS & iPhone 2G (from what I tested) -Easy UICons: -Viewing previously scanned “today” objects, you cannot view their info. [ iTunes link] 4.3/5Continue reading “Main”
Finger Cookbook
Pros: -Badge icon appears on downloads icon to notify you of new “cookbooks” -User submitted recipes with photos -Sort recipes by different filters -Easy to use UI -Metric & English measurement conversion tables.Cons: -Occasional crash when refreshing the Downloads page. -No ingredient or step check off list. -If you press the “sleep” button on yourContinue reading “Main”
What’s On? Updated – From Great to Worse
Update: The ad also seems to appear after about every 10 searches. It has recently come to our attention that NapkingStudio’s What’s On? application has been updated to 2.01 . This version, while it does fix some bugs, it also integrates a fullscreen, 5 second ad upon starting the app. (Note: Others have have statedContinue reading “Main”
Pros: -Nice graphics -Easy to play (instructions-wise) -3D graphics -Power-ups in-gameCons: -No global scoring -A little hard to play at the beginning 2/5 This application closely represents the “helicopter” type game. Where the object of the game is to make the ship fly through the tunnel without hitting the sides or the any of theContinue reading “Main”
Star Walk
Pros: -Intuitive Interface -Search for planets, constellations, etc. & view details -Current location or search for another area. -3GS users can utilize the compass/tilt feature, other users do not have access to the compass feature. -Zoom in & out, tap to select object in sky -Night view (red tint) -View the sky for a specificContinue reading “Main”
First U.S. Augmented Reality App – Yelp
It seems that Yelp has decided that reality isn’t good enough, so they augmented it. After opening the app, make sure you are on the “Nearby” screen & shake the device three times slowly. (like counting to three). A button in the upper-right-hand corner will appear named “monocle” tap on it and move your theContinue reading “Main”
**Note: This review is a blanket review – having beta tested all the apps in the Groove Maker series, they all operate in the same basic way, the main difference are the sound loops. The application is a new revolutionary way of creating music and it’s going to change the way people DJ on theContinue reading “Main”
Shorten a URL on your iPhone With Bookmarklet
While you can navigate to the website and copy & paste your URL to be shortened, it is the long way of doing it and clunky. Here at The iPhone App Blog, we found it too hard to be constantly attempting to copy and paste all the URLs that we wanted to shorten, soContinue reading “Main”
Daily Burn App – Submitted to Apple for Review
We have just been notified that the highly anticipated Daily Burn iPhone application has just been sent to Apple for review. A little bit on Daily Burn: Daily Burn is one of the best (actually the best, in my opinion) fitness and nutrition tracking websites. Daily Burn also recently changed their name from Gyminee. SoContinue reading “Main”
Fizz Weather – Updated to 1.4!
The developers of Fizz Weather (Fizz Software, Ltd.) have updated their app to version 1.4. It seems that they have really improved their interface this version. Most noticeably, there is now a 15-day forecast & graphs can be seen within the Now weather section of the app – very cool! What’s New: New 15 dayContinue reading “Main”
VLCRemote – Pick of the Week
This is a very nifty app for those of you that enjoy watching videos on your PC or Mac. VLCRemote controls VLC player via Wifi (my mac was using a LAN line, but it’s on the same network). The app lest you control all the basics, plus view your play list, utilize different skip speeds,Continue reading “Main”
Pros: – Accurate – 6 calculations/ readings – Nice graphical battery meter Cons: – One battery color. – No UI options 4/5 myBatteryLife does exactly what it says it does- tells you your iPhone battery life based on your hardware. MyBatteryLife, I believe, is the simplest application I have seen. The app displays multiple calculationsContinue reading “Main”
We Cheap Now: Go Go Rescue Squad, Baseball Slugger, Magnificent Gizmos, Ferrari GT: Evolution, Isotope: A Space Shooter, The Price is Right & More!
In the past 7 days numerous apps have gone on sale. We have picked quite a few apps to get you started for the weekend! Many are $0.99 for a limited time and some a little more. Grab them while you can! Go Go Rescue Squad: Join the Squad and rescue the hapless Darwins fromContinue reading “Main”
We Cheap Now: Caster, Nintaii, 1,001 Ringtones, CAVU Pro Video Surveillance
Here are some Apps to get you started for the weekend! $0.99 for a limited time (and some a little more). Grab them while you can! Caster: Caster is an Intense High Speed 3rd person shooter with Explosive Effects and Massive Terrain Deformation! As a rookie Caster, you are assigned to rid the Middon regionContinue reading “Main”
Autostitch Panorama
Pros: -Incredibly simple to use -Don’t have to have photos in order to stitch -Add photos all in one go -Watch the building of the Panorama as it’s created -Save to photo album is quick Cons: -No advanced options -Alignment isn’t always dead on -No cropping ability -Resolution of panorama is low -Only one resolutionContinue reading “Main”
We Cheap Now: Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D, Illuminations, Toki Tori, & UP by Disney-Pixar
Here are some Apps to get you started for the weekend! $0.99 for a limited time! Grab them while you can! Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D – How high can you build a skyscraper?? Reach the skies in a wacky skyscraper construction game that tests your reflexes and puzzle skills! Immerse yourself in a full 3DContinue reading “Main”
TiPAB Giveaway: Win "Ice Road Truckers" TV Show DVD
Back on Friday, we told you that you had the chance of winning an “Ice Road Truckers’ TV Show DVD by telling us about a scary driving experience. now we are giving you a second chance to win – via Twitter! Tweet: Win an “Ice Road Truckers” DVD. Re-tweet to enter. Get the iPhoneContinue reading “Main”
We Cheap Now: Knights Onrush, Topple 2, & RealSoccer09
Here are some Apps to get you started for the weekend! $0.99 for a limited time! Grab them while you can! Knights Onrush – A “tower defense” game where, YOU are the tower! The game has incredibly addicting game play. On Sale for the next 36 hours! [$0.99 – iTunes link] Topple 2 -How maContinue reading “Main”
14 Things You Might Not Know You Could Do with iPhone OS 3.0
It’s been just over a week since iPhone 3.0 OS has come you, I am sure everyone has scourged through all the new features of the 3.0 update. However, I have decided to post a few features that aren’t necessarily featured and some viewers may not even know about. So here they are: 1. ContinueContinue reading “Main”
BeeJiveIM with Push Notifications Now in App Store
Yep, it’s here! And now let the messaging frenzies begin! This is the point in which we have all been waiting for – the release of applications that utilize the push notification system in 3.0. While this update include Push, there have also been some other UI updates & performance enhancements! BeeJiveIM uses the customContinue reading “Main”
TxtDrop Web-App – Pick of the Week
TxtDrop is a web-app that allows you to send text messages to anyone’s cell phone (it also supports international users; however, it is not an iPhone web-app). I was initially concerned about privacy, but after reading their Private Policy (and viewing other trust-website-lookups), it look safe. If you are worried about getting spammed you canContinue reading “Main”
TwitterBox – Pick of the Week
TwitterBox seems to be my second most used Twitter app at the moment. If you are one of those people that follows A TON of people, but still actually wants read you family, friends, news or other Twitter accounts? Then this might be an app to consider. TwitterBox allows you to sort the people (anContinue reading “Main”
Lost Phone Recovery
Pros: -Service is sound -They take care of everything for you -App is simple and easy to handle Cons: -Not a very appealing wallpaper is created -No wallpaper editor -Error issue in form (see below to get around it) This App has two rankings: For concept & service: 5/5 For app execution: 3/5 The bestContinue reading “Main”
Stick It
Pros: -Multiple backgrounds -Add photo as background -Numerous “stickies,” “miscellaneous objects,” & “Comic Bubbles” to choose from. -Multiple colors, sizes, and fonts for text. Cons: -Cannot re-size stickies -Cannot add a photo as a “sticky” -No script-style fonts -When “flipping” through each sticky, it slides from one to the other a little slow. -Cannot saveContinue reading “Main”
Hot Dog Down a Hallway
Pros: -Nice cartoon graphics -Simple game play -View statistics of game play (ie. total distance & total launches) -Attempt to complete goals – thus receiving awards. Cons: -Farting sound upon viewing distance doesn’t really fit with theme. -No multiple hi-score keeper -No high-scores via internet 4/5 Hot Dog Down a Hallway is a humorous gameContinue reading “Main”
Game Crazy
Game Crazy iPhone App, is an app for gamers. It is the first-of-its kind for an iPhone application. The app lets you view the details about new games and upcoming releases. You can watch trailers and even check trade-in prices. And if you happen to want to go get a game, there is a in-appContinue reading “Main”
Jules Verne’s Return To Mysterious Island – Pick of the Week
Myst & Zork fans rejoice! This awesome puzzle adventure combines the ideas of Zork and Myst together and is based on the “Return to Mysterious Island” novel by Jules Verne. The game is a combination of 360 degree panoramas that fade into each other as you move around the island (Myst part) You also haveContinue reading “Main”
Video Index
Below is an index of all the app review videos that have been used here (even some that do not have written reviews for them & they are marked by an “*”)AAnimatoAniWeatherAppsShoppingArchibald*BBrothers In ArmsBugzCCameraBagDDieticianDoneEePhotoEdgeFFingerPianoFireTaskFitness Day JournalFuzzyShot 2.0GGenerator*GeoTones*GlyphGoal TenderGuitar Rock TourHHabit CheckHerbs & SpicesHero of SpartaIiAstrologyIlluminationsI Love FireworksInvinciBalliRosary*iScratchNailsiStickyiToy*JKLLie Detector UpdateLivingSocialLowGIDiet, AMMeditate Now 2NOPPar 3 Golf 2PeepsPhotoBrushPocketpediaQQuipRRailroadContinue reading “Main”